VAT Declaration 2nd quarter 2020

VAT Declaration

It is time for the VAT return for the second quarter of 2020 (or the month of June, if you file a monthly declaration). The papers can be brought to the office at Jufferstraat 1-D, Zaandam, there in our own letterbox. If you want to bring your papers and explain them, please call us in advance, because we are not always there or may have a different appointment.

PLEASE NOTE concerning the measures from RIVM, regarding the coronavirus, we would like to receive your administration digitally in order to avoid as little physical contact as possible. We recently sent everyone special email addresses that belong to your personal digital letterbox at our office. If you have not yet taken this into use, we would like to request you to do so. Would you like some extra explanation, give us a call.

Despite the special CORONA regulations in this situation, it is still mandatory to file a turnover tax return. If you cannot pay the turnover tax to be paid, you can request deferral of tax via the following link. For this you need your DigiD and your BSN or RSIN number. betaling-aan-vanwege-de-coronacrisis

UPDATE: The first delay will expire soon, but you can request an extension. You can do this via the following link:

Please note that the VAT must be submitted AND paid by the end of July 2020 (unless you request a postponement), so be on time with the handing in of the papers, we would like to receive everything by 10 July at the latest.

As a reminder, a summary of what is required in any case for a complete declaration:

  • Bank statements with a BEGIN and an END balance (a print screen from internet banking is not sufficient) Indeed, contacts with the Tax and Customs Administration have shown that, IN spite of the bank connection that we have with many of you, it is still mandatory to present ORIGINAL bank statements, on paper or as a PDF, to be kept in the administration. Do you want to add these too?
  • Cash sheets (self-written or maintained in Excel) Note: Does your closing balance match what is in your portfolio?
  • Purchase invoices, pin receipts etc ... (if you refuel cash make sure you also use a savings card that is in your name, only then the VAT is also deductible)
  • Sales invoices
  • Tickets from restaurants etc. can be business, but ONLY if it states with what BUSINESS RELATIONSHIP has been eaten / drunk.
  • All other correspondence, for example tax assessments, etc.

The following only applies to the last declaration of each year. (4th quarter / December)

The value of the stock at December 31.
You will receive a 2020 interest overview for your lease contract (s) in January or February. Would you like to provide this? We need these to complete the 2020 administration.


Admi & Advi
Jufferstraat 1-D (hoofdkantoor)
1508 GE Zaandam

+31 (0)75 - 6 145 233
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